fake Breitling replica watches Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph

In January Breitling released the first new replica watches collection with Georges Kern at the helm. The Navitimer 8 collection was ... let's say controversial (a euphemism if you ask me). Many fans admired "the first Breitling they've always had," but they met the moaning cumulative Long established fans and say, "Where's the Queen's ring? This is not a Navitimer. Give this collection!" 43 and 46 Navitimer 1 B01 chronograph with the bi-directional rotating border and ruler that made Navitimer ... erm, a Navitimer.


Brand: Breitling Model: 43 and 46 Navitimer 1 B01 chronograph Dimensions: 43 mm and 46 mm in diameter Case: stainless steel, two-color stainless steel and golden yellow or golden red Crystal / Lens: Sapphire Movement: Breitling meter B01 COSC certified Frequency: 4Hz Power reserve: "At least" 70 hours Bracelet / strap: leather or polished steel band Price and availability: $ 8,590 - $ 21,520 depending on case


I will be totally honest - I was part of this last group that was shocked by the reworking of the Navitimer collection. As the whispers of reworking entered the industry, I felt both excitement and nervousness - especially when Georges made my first model one of my favorite models. And I have to admit that when I saw them I was deeply disappointed in the results. Has never even grown on me, which is something Breitling usually does. I felt they were missing a lot in the aspects of what made a Navitimer so noticeable.

As I said, I forgive them. These releases were surprisingly launched this morning and I couldn't be happier. The slideshow is there and the overall quality of the design conveys the original Navitimer shine, but simply adds a modern and elegant look to a truly iconic watch. One thing to note is that all models have contrasting sub-rolls that give a modern panda / reverse panda modern look to watches that were not always standard for the model. In addition, the models use the new Breitling logo that excludes the Breitling wings - a collapse that will replica watches uk surely come immediately. In addition, the watches use the acclaimed B01 Caliber Breitling and are available in steel, two shades of red gold and steel and red gold versions.

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